Samsung Premium Car Power Charger T809

Samsung Premium Car Power Charger T809
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Product Description

These Premium Vehicle Chargers are sleek and stylish designed for greater performance as well as cost effective for higher margin. They utilize Posi-Mold, Polycarbonate and ABS impact plastic housing to handle heavy usage for maximum product integrity. Heavy duty strain relief, with filaments for added durability and performance, limits failure of the product due to the dislodging of any wires from the cavity. Features include: Button style contacts for optimum performance, fit and efficient charging; High -tech blue color LED indicator; 10.5 ft. cord with 3.5 mm diameter for premium retraction; Short Circuit protection with a switching circuit that enables 12/24 input voltage for maximum versatility; Overload protection that accommodates 10-28 volts of incoming current; High quality rubber grip collar: Charges all NiMH and LI-ion batteries slim or extended. All vehicle chargers come with a Lifetime Warranty.