RIM BlackBerry OEM 2.5mm headset

RIM BlackBerry OEM 2.5mm headset
Item# hdw034001
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Product Description

Now you can take notes, read and compose email, look up files and more - without interrupting important calls - thanks to this lightweight and convenient Hands-Free Headset.The excellent sound quality in the earbud ensures clear communication, while the miniature clip keeps the cord out of the way and the microphone properly positioned - so what you say gets heard. This headset is compatible with all voice-enabled BlackBerry devices.

Compatible with:
-BlackBerry 5790
-BlackBerry 5810
-BlackBerry 5820
-BlackBerry 6210
-BlackBerry 6220
-BlackBerry 6230
-BlackBerry 6280
-BlackBerry 6510
-BlackBerry 6710
-BlackBerry 6720
-BlackBerry 6750
-BlackBerry 7100g
-BlackBerry 7100i
-BlackBerry 7100r
-BlackBerry 7100t
-BlackBerry 7100v
-BlackBerry 7100x
-BlackBerry 7105t
-BlackBerry 7130c
-BlackBerry 7130e
-BlackBerry 7130g
-BlackBerry 7130v
-BlackBerry 7210
-BlackBerry 7230
-BlackBerry 7250
-BlackBerry 7270
-BlackBerry 7280
-BlackBerry 7290
-BlackBerry 7510
-BlackBerry 7520
-BlackBerry 7730
-BlackBerry 7750
-BlackBerry 7780
-BlackBerry 8700r
-BlackBerry 8700c
-BlackBerry 8700f
-BlackBerry 8700g
-BlackBerry 8700v
-BlackBerry 8703e
-BlackBerry 8705g
-BlackBerry 8707g
-BlackBerry 8707h
-BlackBerry 8707v
-BlackBerry 8100
-BlackBerry 8100 (Red)
-BlackBerry 8100 (White)
-BlackBerry 8800
-BlackBerry 8820
-BlackBerry 8830
-Blackberry 9530
-Blackberry 9630