Parrot CK3100

Parrot CK3100
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Product Description

Parrot CK3100
First Bluetooth® Hands free car kit with LCD display
The Parrot CK3100 LCD is the most renowned hands free car kit on the market. With the Parrot CK3100 LCD, you will be able to place and receive calls with perfect quality of sound, regardless of the driving conditions (traffic, highway…), without ever touching your mobile phone. The wireless connection between the Parrot CK3100 LCD and the Bluetooth phone and its voice recognition system is enabled as long as the phone is turned on. At a time when legislation is tightening up to restrict the use of mobile phones in vehicles due to safety concerns, Parrot CK3100 LCD benefits are not just for the sake of convenience and comfort - they are fast becoming a real necessity.

Make calls easily with the voice recognition feature
When users get in their car, they start the engine and the kit immediately connects to their mobile phone. Thanks to the voice recognition feature of the Parrot hands free car kit, drivers say a name and the kit automatically dials the number.

Choose a hands free car kit that integrates seamlessly into your car for real audio quality
The car's speakers accurately reproduce the caller's voice. The external microphone captures the sound of your voice while filtering out the surrounding noise. In the event of a call, the car radio automatically cuts out to allow for a smooth conversation.

Find your mobile phone's information on the LCD screen
The Parrot hands free car kit displays your mobile phone's information on an LCD screen : incoming call number, phonebook, last number called, and so on. The ingenious screen can be installed wherever users want on the dashboard and provides an optimized viewing angle for greater comfort and readability.

Key Information
-LCD screen displays standard mobile phone information: incoming calls, recent calls, missed calls, voice mail, directory, ect.
-Hands-free, unidirectionnal microphone provides voice recognition dialling of up to 150 names, while reducing background noise and ambient echo.
-Browser button allows users to scroll through menus and control the volume.


Parrot CK3100 Bluetooth hands free car kit features
-Seamless hands-free use
-Comfort and safety while driving
-Superior user interface with LCD display
-Can be installed in any vehicle
-Automatically mutes the radio
-Uses the car speakers
-Audio volume control
-Quality audio (Digital Signal Processing)
-Up to fives devices can use the system
-No cradle
-No wire, no headset
-No headset battery to charge
-Voice recognition dialer
-Software upgradeable

Superior User Interface:
-LCD Screen
-2 Buttons (Red and Green)
-1 Scroll button with validation

Default Mode:
-Displays carrier name
-Network signal strength
-Pick-up and hang-up
-Scroll button = sound level

Standard features:
-Echo cancellation, noise reduction
-Voice recognition dialing
-Volume control
-Dual call
-Auto connect on incoming call

New features:
-Caller ID
-Dialing with numbers
-Phonebook synchronization including: -last calls received -last calls dialed
-Extension with new voicetags (up to 150)
-User connection priority management (up to 5 users)

Characteristics of voice recognition Up to 150 Voice Tags:
-Real time
-Dynamic adaptation to background noise

The Parrot CK3100 hands free car kit package contains:
-1 Parrot CK3100 electronic control unit
-1 microphone with cable
-1 radio mute cable with line output (ISO cable)
-1 power supply cable
-1 display with buttons and cable
-1 user guide in 7 languages

Standard features:
-Echo cancellation, noise reduction
-Voice recognition dialing
-Multi-user, up to three phones
-Volume control
-Private conversation mode