Motorola H720

Motorola H720
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Product Description

Motorola H720 89382N Bluetooth headset with Active Flip Open Boom Microphone. Motorola's popular Rapid Connect flip design, now with improved audio.

* Clearer audio: Improved Echo and noise reduction allows the person on the other end to hear you better than any previous Motorola Bluetooth RapidConnect Headsets so others can hear you clearly. * Rapid Connect: Simply flip open the microphone to answer calls and close to save the battery. Easy Pairing simplifies rapidly connecting to your Bluetooth device. * Multiple Pairing: Talk from 2 different Bluetooth cell phones, such as your personal and business cell phones using the same headset. Different LED colors let you know which cell phone you are connected to. * Wear it All Day: Designed to rest gently against your ear, H720 lets you carry on conversations without compromising comfort. Talk up to 6.5 hours talk time OR up to 480 hours standby before you need to recharge with the included Micro-USB AC Charger. * Moderate weight: Weighs only 14 grams (0.5 ounce) and Dimensions are 42mm X 27mm X 20mm. * Volume orientation: As the background volume gets louder, so does your headset volume automatically adjust. * Motorola H720 Bluetooth Wireless Communication is supported on this Bluetooth version 2.1 with EDR, class 2 device for better connectivity up to 30 feet away.