Motorola H680 Bluetooth headset

Motorola H680 Bluetooth headset
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Product Description

Motorola H680 Bluetooth headset
The Motorola H680 is elegantly designed with surprisingly long talk times for its small size. Premium materials and finishes on the headset make a striking statement, while the stylish and functional charging case completes the look. A discreet and ergonomic shape, plus excellent sound quality make the H680 the perfect solution for mobile users in almost any environment.

Make a statement
Fashionable, small and comfortable. About half the size of a lipstick tube, the H680 is petite and lightweight. The headset’s vacuum metal sides and high gloss finish make a striking statement, while the cases’ silver vacuum metal base and clear cover complete the look and make a dramatic fashion statement. Functionally, the case helps protect the headset, making it easy to carry in a pocket or purse and charge on the go. Simply place the headset in the case and plug into a wall charger or car charger to power the headset. The clear cover can be removed to act as a desktop stand or for easy access in the carą.

Sounds of comfort
The outstanding sound quality of the Motorola H680 makes call handling pure pleasure. A rotating ear hook allows users to place the microphone directly towards their mouth for crisp, clear communications. The shape and materials of the ear hook and ear bud, with interchangeable ear cushions, help provide a new level of comfort and the ultimate in wireless freedom!

Power of Bluetooth wireless technology
Offering up to approximately eight hours of talk time and up to approximately 8 days of standby time, the Motorola H680 is the premium choice for constant conversationalists. And with exclusive EasyPair technology, you can connect to other compatible Bluetooth enabled devices with ease and experience simple, seamless, on-the-go conversations like never before˛. The H680 may enhance attractiveness, but it won’t sacrifice performance.

Summary of key features:
• Vacuum metal sides and high gloss finish make a striking statement; while a fashionable charging case completes the look
• Compact, small design at only 41 x 18 x 12 millimeters
• Shape and materials of ear hook and ear bud optimized for wearing comfort
• Up to approximately 8 hours talk time or up to approximately 8 days standby time
• Weight: 12 grams
• Works up to 33 feet (10 meters) away from a compatible Bluetooth-enabled phone˛
• Compatible with any brand of Bluetooth-enabled phone that supports “headset” and “hands-free” profiles˛
• EasyPair technology simplifies connecting to compatible Bluetooth enabled devices˛