Motorola H15 Bluetooth headset

Motorola H15 Bluetooth headset
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Product Description

Motorola H15 Bluetooth headset
MOTOPURE™ H15 Universal Bluetooth Headset
Silence the noise and enjoy pure sound quality with MOTOPURE H15, Motorola’s first universal Bluetooth® headset with an exclusive flip design and the best background noise cancellation, based on independent testing of the top-selling dual-microphone Bluetooth headsets. MOTOPURE H15 fits so well over the ear that it’s easy to forget you’re wearing a headset. Motorola’s TrueComfort™ design conforms MOTOPURE H15 to your ear, and multiple ear cushion options offer an even more customizable fit. Whether taking calls from hotel lobbies or crowded restaurants, this is the one headset that can keep up with you.

Hear and Be Heard
MOTOPURE H15 features improved CrystalTalk™ technology for headsets, so you can enjoy pure sounding phone calls on both ends of a mobile phone conversation in different noise environments. MOTOPURE H15 has dual microphones that help filter out background noise and enhance your voice to silence the noise. The unit also automatically enhances frequencies to help improve call clarity in both noisy and quiet environments. This intelligent headset automatically adjusts volume as background noise increases, so conversations are easy to understand.

Quick, Simple, Convenient and Powerful
MOTOPURE H15 makes it easy to make hands-free calls from a compatible Bluetooth-enabled phone* and conserve battery life so your conversations aren’t cut off. Start with an easy phone setup using Motorola’s proprietary EasyPair technology, then simply use the exclusive Motorola flip design with RapidConnect™ -- just open to talk and close to end the call and save power. The quick charging MOTOPURE H15 converts 15 minutes of charging time into over an hour of talk time, and it stays connected to the phone while recharging on the desktop charger so it’s always ready to take the next call. MOTOPURE H15 also has a three-color battery check display that’s easy to read while you’re on-the-go.

Users can connect MOTOPURE H15 to both a compatible Bluetooth enabled personal and a business phone at the same time to simplify busy lives. MOTOPURE H15’s multipoint technology allows simultaneous connection with two compatible Bluetooth enabled phones. MOTOPURE H15 also has been tested to work with over 200 compatible phones from 15 brands, so you’ll have a reliable and consistent experience with the phone you’re using.