Motorola Krave ZN4

Motorola Krave ZN4
Tap into the media that moves you with Motorola Krave ZN4, the first touch phone to feature an interactive clear flip. This multimedia phone offers the latest entertainment and phone features to put you in touch with your own multi-dimensional world of music, videos, TV and more.

Puts the Flip on Touch
Krave combines the cutting-edge convenience of touch with the familiar comfort and easy handling of a flip phone design. Experience two layers of touch with this innovative device. With the flip closed, the interactive clear flip provides fast, one-touch access to the camera, picture gallery, live TV1, music, VZ Navigator1, and viewing of pictures and text messages1 so it’s easy to access your favorite features. With the flip open, you can access the full range of menu options. Haptic technology provides reassuring sensory feedback so you know your touch was registered. The durable flip helps protect the touchscreen underneath, and a prominent side key locks access to the external buttons, preventing accidental use when the phone is in your purse or pocket.

Clearly a Phone
An attractive multimedia device, Krave is a great mobile phone, making calls easier and clearer. The science and technology behind the clear flip and its emblazoned earpiece provide high-quality audio, a familiar feel and reliable connectivity on phone calls. Motorola Krave simplifies staying in touch with Visual Voice Mail1 from Verizon Wireless, a dedicated voice recognition key to make calling easy, a virtual landscape QWERTY keypad, haptic feedback, conveniently-sized buttons and direct access to personal email accounts with Mobile Email1 from Verizon Wireless.

Pocket Your Media
Keep your media content by your side and easily select and play it whenever you want. Flip open the phone to see full menu options, all displayed on a vibrant, high-resolution interactive touch screen. Premium multimedia features such as V CAST Mobile TV1, V CAST Music with Rhapsody1, Visual Voice Mail1, Mobile Email1, HTML browser1, streaming video1 and support for up to 8GB microSD optional removable memory all make Krave almost impossible to put down. Live TV1 can be enjoyed with the flip open or closed in stunning landscape mode on the large, vibrant color display. Rich media such as Web video clips can also be played directly from the browser, and videos and pictures can be enjoyed directly from MMS messages without the need to download them to the device first1. Motorola Krave also keeps your favorite tunes and playlists on hand with access to millions of songs on V CAST Music with Rhapsody1, 2 or by quickly loading songs from a computer. Wireless and wired listening options are available through stereo Bluetooth wireless technology3 and a 3.5mm jack, respectively. The convenient, touch-controlled 2.0 megapixel camera can be quickly accessed with a dedicated camera key, and takes landscape and portrait shots easily using the accelerometer.

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