Motorola Bluetooth® Portable Hands-Free Speaker T305

Motorola Bluetooth® Portable Hands-Free Speaker T305
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Product Description

The Motorola Portable Bluetooth® Car Kit T305 has intuitive and easy to use features that let you keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. A loud speaker and sophisticated noise reduction technology provide the volume and clarity needed to converse in the vehicle. New and improved -- The T305 has many enhancements over its previous models. A new sleek and stylish design. Louder audio with the latest echo and noise reduction technology. Easier to use controls with dedicated buttons for power on/off, volume up/down and calling. No installation required -- Just clip and go. Quickly secure to your car's sun visor. Easy to remove and use in another vehicle. Robust audio experience -- Designed for optimal use in the vehicle. Echo and noise reduction technology minimize background noise and an efficient 1-watt speaker delivers clear audio. Full duplex capabilities allow you to talk over each other and still hear each other -- in much the same way face-to-face conversations work. Simplify discussions -- Effortless controls keep you in the driver's seat. Press a button for power, another for calls, and 2 more for volume. Maximize conversations -- Up to 14 hours talk or 200 hours standby time from a single charge. All the power needed for extended discussions. Latest Bluetooth® technology -- Bluetooth® 2.0 offers better call quality, less interference and faster connections than previous standards.