LG 8300 Premium Travel Charger

LG 8300 Premium Travel  Charger
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Product Description

This quick travel charger offers you the convenience of recharging your Phone/Battery while at home, in the office or while traveling. With the use of this UL approved travel charger, your battery can be charged from any standard 120-volt power source. Our travel chargers feature flip up/flip down prongs for easy compact travel and are equipped with a brilliant blue LED light. These travel chargers are an excellent way to charge your phone anytime and anywhere to avoid the inconvenience of a dead battery. Compatible with the LG VX8300 and the other models listed below.

VX3200, VX3300, VX3400, VX3450, VX4650, VX4700, VX5200, VX5300, VX6100, VX7000, VX8100, VX8300, the V