CNR 8935 OEM travel charger

CNR 8935  OEM travel charger
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Product Description

This is an original OEM travel charger made and manufactured by UTStarcom to provide unprecedented and an optimal power source for your UTStarcom devices. This battery charger is lightweight compact and to the point. The charger plugs directly into standard wall outlets and then into the bottom of your phone for direct battery charging.

The UTStarcom Travel Charger, manufactured by UTStarcom is compatible with the Cricket TXTM8, UTStarcom CDM8630, UTStarcom CDM8935, UTStarcom CDM8960, UTStarcom Shuttle CDM8964, UTStarcom TXT8030, Verizon Wireless Blitz TXT8010, Verizon Wireless Coupe 8630, Verizon Wireless Escapade, Verizon Wireless Razzle, Verizon Wireless CDM8950 and Verizon Wireless CDM8975 phone models.