Blackberry HS-655 Bluetooth Headset ASY-12747-001

Blackberry HS-655 Bluetooth Headset ASY-12747-001
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Product Description

Optimized for BlackBerry® devices and compatible with all Bluetooth® enabled mobile phones, the ultra-light and comfortable BlackBerry HS-655 Bluetooth Headset uses cutting-edge technology from Plantronics to deliver clear, secure communication. The headset supports 128-bit encryption to ensure the privacy of your phone calls. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology maximizes sound quality and reduces background noise, ensuring your voice is transmitted clearly, even in loud environments. Its sleek design includes a discreet contoured earpiece and a carrying pocket that clips conveniently to your BlackBerry carrying case or shirt pocket for easy transport. Soft-gel ear tips in three sizes provide a personalized fit, and an ear hook offers added stability. The pocket case vibrates with each incoming call, while the headset controls volume and mute options, allows you to answer calls and supports voice-activated dialing* and last number redial. And with the freedom to roam up to 33 feet from your device while talking on your headset, you can multitask with ease. Designed to integrate with the BlackBerry Authentic Accessories™ portfolio, this advanced headset can be charged in the BlackBerry Power Station or with any BlackBerry Travel Charger, USB Cable or Automotive Charger so you can always travel light.

*This feature only available for BlackBerry handhelds running software V4.2.


* Optimal sound quality with DSP (Digital Signal Processing), which actively reduces transmitted background noises
* Talk time: up to 3 hours
* Standby time: up to 80 hours
* Range: up to 33 feet (10 meters)
* Weight: 1/3 ounce (9 grams)
* Headset controls volume, mute, last number redial and voice-activated dialing; carrying pocket vibrates for incoming calls
* Compatible with multiple Bluetooth-enabled devices, including:
      - BlackBerry devices
      - Mobile phones
      - PDAs and smartphones Computers
* Carrying pocket clips onto your BlackBerry carrying case and recharges the headset in conjunction with any BlackBerry charger, including the:
      - BlackBerry Automotive Charger
      - BlackBerry Folding Blade Charger
      - BlackBerry Travel Charger
      - BlackBerry USB Datasync & Charging Cable
* Lithium Ion battery
* Supports Bluetooth 2.0
* AC Adapter 100-240V
* Sleek and long-wearing comfortable design
* Included with the BlackBerry Bluetooth Headset
      - A contoured headset that weighs only a third of an ounce and fits discreetly on your ear
      - Carrying pocket with clip and USB charging tip
      - 3 soft-gel ear tips in various sizes for an optimal fit
      - 1 ear hook stabilizer