Blackberry ACC-07493-001 External Battery Charger

Blackberry ACC-07493-001 External Battery Charger
Item# ACC-07493-001
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Product Description

Speed, flexibility and convenience may not be your usual experience with international travel - but they will be now, thanks to a BlackBerry International Extra Battery Charger. You can make sure you have a spare battery fully charged while you use your device, or plug in a USB cable and charge your device and your spare at the same time. Plug it into the power supply of virtually any vehicle in the world - civilian or military. With four international adaptor clips, plus mini-USB compatibility, you'll be ready for anything, anywhere you go. And, like all BlackBerry device chargers, it reliably delivers constant current and voltage, to charge your device safely and rapidly, and help preserve the life of your battery.

* Built in 12/24 voltage converter
* Removable travel adaptor clips for North America, the UK, Europe and Australia
* Constant current and voltage for rapid and consistent charge
* Mini-USB compatible
* Recharge extra battery and BlackBerry device with BlackBerry USB Charging and DataSync Cable (sold separately)

Compatible with these models:
* BlackBerry 7100g
* BlackBerry 7100i
* BlackBerry 7100r
* BlackBerry 7100t
* BlackBerry 7100v
* BlackBerry 7100x
* BlackBerry 7105t
* BlackBerry 7130c
* BlackBerry 7130e
* BlackBerry 7130g
* BlackBerry 7130v
* BlackBerry 8300
* BlackBerry 8310
* BlackBerry 8320
* BlackBerry 8700c
* BlackBerry 8700f
* BlackBerry 8700g
* BlackBerry 8700r
* BlackBerry 8700v
* BlackBerry 8703e
* BlackBerry 8707v