BlackBerry 8300 Series Lambskin Leather Tote

BlackBerry 8300 Series Lambskin Leather Tote
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Product Description

Now you can protect your BlackBerry® device from harm while you show it off to the world! Wear it on your wrist with the removable leather lanyard, attach it to your belt or bag, or drop it in your briefcase or handbag. The soft lining and durable construction protects your device from the bumps and scratches of day-to-day life. The smart design includes built-in plastic grooves on the interior to protect your smartphone's trackball (for applicable devices), plus a magnetic proximity sensor that preserves your battery by automatically shutting off the screen when you put it away. The sensor can also work with your device to enable it to switch notification settings depending on if your device is in or out of the case.

-Energy-saving magnetic sensor
-Built in grooves run along inside of case to protect trackball (for applicable devices)
-Removable leather wrist lanyard
-Embossed/lambskin leather finish

Compatible with:
-BlackBerry 8300
-BlackBerry 8310
-BlackBerry 8320
-Blackberry 8900
-Blackberry 9630